Our pricing is base on the industries standards for this locality. Our basic labor charge is $10 per sq. ft. for tile installed on a slab floor. Of course if the slab has cracks or is unlevel, it will need some extra attention and also the size and scope of the job are determining factors. For installation on wood sub-floors, the cost is $1 more per sq. ft. for labor and $1 for materials (backer board, thinset, screws, etc) When pricing, we must remember our business expenses, such as insurance, vehicle expenses, tools, labor cost, gas, phone, Internet & web page fees, NTCA cost, credit card and bank fees, and the list goes on. When we charge $45/man hr. for extra work or for small jobs, $25 is for labor and the $20 the Company gets, covers the other cost of doing business plus a reasonable profit. Sometimes the customer doesn't see or realize the overhead in running a business.  We try to be fare, but have to keep profits in mind. And please remember, we are not day laborers, you are also paying for our expertise, quality of work, and knowledge. As our Customer have reported, we are the best in the business and I also care. We certainly don't like to loose customers to low ball bidders, but would rather do so than use cheaper, inferior materials. and lower our standards and quality of work. I would be glad to explain the process and the difference in the quality of materials we use.


The cost of laying tiles on shower walls as apposed to bathroom or kitchen floors is more expensive simply because it is more difficult to do. You also need to insure the wall studs are plumb (which they rarely are), install a 6 mil vapor barrier, install a shower curb and doorway, and use epoxy grout and usually they are smaller tiles. We do this on a shower by shower basis, depending on all the needs of the customer. Do they want a shower niche, seat, soap dish or shelves, deco designs, etc. And there are usually plumbing charges.